I Did My ACL, I Bet You're Jealous


I did my ACL, I bet you’re jealous. This phrase came to me last week when I was thinking over all the good things that have come from my injury. As I was in the gym (my home away from home) I thought back to all the things I have learnt about m… read more

In The Mind of a Kneehabber


  This year I came across the hardest few months I’ve ever experienced as an athlete. At the end of the season on April 5th I ruptured my ACL ligament in my left knee. This is the most common injury in ski racing, mainly due to the fact… read more

A Day in the Life of a Kneehabber


I have now fully settled into the rehab routine. It’s kind of like the routine I get into during the season with getting up and going skiing before going to the gym, except now I get up and go to the gym... and then go to the gym again. I&rsquo… read more

Step 2: Rehab Part 1


I can’t believe that already 5 weeks have gone by since I was sat in a hospital bed waiting nervously for my knee operation. I was pretty scared, I was undergoing surgery for the first time in my life and about to embark on a 6 month journey ba… read more

Step 1: ACL Prehab


I haven’t written a blog in a while and it’s probably due to the fact that I haven’t wanted to talk about what happened to me at the end of my season. As many of you will already know, I tore my ACL whilst forerunning a boys race in… read more


Cara Brown started skiing at a very young age on ski holidays with her parents. Born in London, Cara moved to Milan, Italy aged 7 and has lived there ever since.

Aged 10 Cara joined her first ski club Kandahar and did her first ever race training camps. After getting a feel for racing and deciding she wanted to do more of it she started spending all her weekends and holidays at The British Ski Academy in Les Houches. Cara did her first ever ski races aged 13 with BSA and continued to race alongside them until she turned 15.

Aged 15 Cara was invited to train with The Scottish Alpine Ski Team. After a few training camps she was asked to join the team based on her potential. Cara has been a member of the Scottish Team for the past 5 years.

After finished her schooling in 2012 Cara did her first full-time season based in Austria with Stefan Moser. She had a great season, which including halving her slalom points and therefore decided pursue skiing rather than going straight into further education.

Cara has now just finished her second full-time training with team Orsatus run by Alex Fourrat.

To read Cara's full Biography click here

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